integrated design

What is Integrated Design?

Simply put – integrated design means putting the design & construction team together before the beginning of the design process and involve them all throughout the process.

If the goal is to build in Passive House Standard it is important to get qualified professional advice on achieving this standard from the beginning of the design process. Budget, design, location, climate, contractor, trades, construction method, reduced thermal bridging, airtight construction and mechanical system are the most crucial components impacting the end result and whether this standard can be achieved or not. Therefore, it is essential to set goals from the very beginning and have a common understanding of the challenges and the process.

Depending on project type and size this usually includes but is not limited to:

Architect | Designer

Passive House Consultant

Mechanical Engineer

Structural Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Landscape Architect

Interior Designer

Envelope Consultant where required by municipality

Code Consultant

Cost Consultant

General Contractor


Mechanical Contractor

Possibly all Trades and Sub-trades

City | Municipality – we are pioneering the Passive House Standard back to Canada. It is important for the AHJs to understand it’s implications. Therefore is it crucial to bring building and planning departments as well as building inspectors on board in the very early stages of the design process.